Deep Thoughts on Jon and Kate Splitting Up

A girlfriend called me about Jon and Kate (parents of two sets of multiples) getting divorced. Mind you, the divorce rate for parents of multiples DOES statistic-wise jump up to around 75% because of all the additional stress and pressure, etc. However, The Todd and I have vowed to NEVER divorce. It’s not even a question. Not because I’m married to the most amazing man in the world, (which I am!) or that I’m so super fabulous (I’m too tired to be super fabulous.) No, the truth is much uglier. We’re both terrified some judge might give us sole custody of the twins. Believe me, it’s US against THEM. Every day.

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One response to “Deep Thoughts on Jon and Kate Splitting Up”

  1. BossyMommy says:

    I'm terribly disappointed in both of them. Not that I give a rat's about either of them, but those poor little kids who never asked to have their lives ripped apart by cameras and TV and idiotic parents. I'd have to say I lay more of the blame on her than on him. They've both contributed, but she is THE MOM. Where is the mother bear instinct, where you do WHATEVER it takes WHENEVER it's necessary to protect your children and their sense of safety and security? To quote a very wise radio personality: TURN OFF THE CAMERAS!!!

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