Diagnosis: Diabetes 5 Crucial–And Free–Resources

I sort of ignored the concept of Diabetes until one of my best girlies–Julie–was diagnosed.



Jules was in shock, so I took to the Internet to find some resources and ideas.  Even if you’re a pro, there’s a few things here you might find of use.

5 Crucial (And Mostly Free) Diabetes Resources:

1.  Diabetes Cookbooks and Recipes: it’s a whole new lifestyle.  Click here for the “D-Life Recipe Book.”  It’s free.  Click here for the “Diabetes BBQ Recipes” also free–and here for the “Diabetic Sweets & Treats Dessert Recipes” book, also free.

2.  Click here for a free blood sugar monitor and additional planning tools.

3.  Diabetes Awareness Support wristbands–get some free by clicking here.

4.  Diabetes meters are apparently expensive and it’s good to have more than one.  Click here for another free meter.

5.  Creating a whole new food plan to manage Diabetes is overwhelming: click here for a free “28 Day Eating Plan & Guide.”


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