Do We All Have To Look The Same To Fit In?

I’ve been following the story of Nadia Ilse, a pretty young lady from Georgia.



There’s two parts to this story: first, that Nadia was being bullied mercilessly by her peers for her appearance.  She had the big sticky-out ears and a nose that looks kinda schmushed to one side.  Generally gawky features that can be covered with hair or minimized by makeup.  But her parents decided that to end the bullying, they would pay for Nadia’s plastic surgery.  Here’s the second part: Nadia is only 14.

So, they did the surgery, and Nadia looks very symmetrical.  I always thought she looked like a pretty girl, but now she’s a symmetrical pretty girl.  Will the bullying end?  We don’t know.  But I truly hate the fact that someone so incredibly young underwent a very serious surgery just to shut people up.  But, it’s not like Nadia got breast implants or some big creepy lips–she just straightened a few things out.

You can see I’m on the fence here.  Too young?  Done for the wrong reasons?  Are bullies so out of control that the school system and parents can’t handle the problem, but a plastic surgeon can?  And, does Nadia’s transformation show that in order to fit in, we all have to look alike?  Before, she had a delightfully idiosyncratic face.  Now she looks like every other pretty girl.

What do you think?  Would you choose this route for your daughter?


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2 responses to “Do We All Have To Look The Same To Fit In?”

  1. Robin Van Norman says:

    Definately not!!! I have seen many ‘homely’ young girls “grow into” their features and become stunning beauties. And – isn’t it what’s inside that is important? Today’s culture is too centered on what a person looks like or what their financial standing is – not what their spirit is. What do you think you will be judged on when it is time to be judged? What would you like to be remembered for – your good heart or your good looks?

  2. todderinfav5admin says:

    THANK YOU. I’m torn on this one because she was just so young to have a serious surgery. But I know it’s hard to preach “inner beauty” to child being bullied…but to solve it with plastic surgery?

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