Do You Know This Name? Irena Sendler. Here’s Why You Should

Having a daughter is a terrifying, awe-inspiring responsibility.


According to modern media, the role models for my two year old Zoe are Lady Gaga and…like…Miley Cyrus.  Um, no thanks.  I’ve been pulling stories of amazing women from everywhere–stories about Mother Theresa and Michelle Obama and Dr. Kristen Ries (Editor’s note: the first doctor who pioneered AIDS treatment and research here in Utah.)  I want my Zoe to know about the incredible strength and power that women possess to change the world.  If you’re looking for stories too, add this one…

Who is Irena Sendler?


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5 responses to “Do You Know This Name? Irena Sendler. Here’s Why You Should”

  1. Sharon Braswell says:

    Wow! Thank you SO much for posting this! Irena Sendler is a true role model!

  2. Kim Tucker says:

    Thank you for the inspiring bio, I cant wait to share with my Caitlyn. you know how hard I try to coach her to grow into a well rounded and inspired human with heart and empathy ,courage and intelligence,It’s the hardest job I’ve ever had the pleasure of doing.

  3. todderinfav5admin says:

    I’m so glad she moves you, too! I keep wondering if I could be that strong and unbreakable during Nazi torture. She was unbreakable.

  4. Diane says:

    What a sad, but beautiful story. I am certain Irena received the award in Heaven that she didn’t receive here on earth.

  5. Mia F says:

    What an amazing woman!

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