Easy Burlap Wreath Tutorial

I was wandering around one the ultra-expensive craft villages yesterday and noticed how burlap wreathes are hugely popular this year.

orange burlap wreath

So, I immediately started searching through my more clever girlie’s blogs to find a tutorial to make it for “next to nothin'” as my Zoe would say.

Behold the Awesome of the Easy Burlap Wreath Tutorial, as made by TopThisTopThat.com.

begin the burlap wreath


  • wire wreath ring
  • 2 feet of burlap–I buy the 10 foot rolls
  • scissors
  • trims: ribbons, flowers, etc.

Sneaky inside tips:

  • use a burlap with a finished edge–it holds the loops better and doesn’t fray
  • make sure your loops are all the same size for a more professional look
  • some natural fibers still have an odor–a couple of shots of Febreze clears that up

There’s more instructions here and here to answer any questions you have.

Photo credits: TopThisTopThat.com

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