Even More 5 Parenting Tips & Tricks

So, in the Good Old Days, everyone had a cool Nana that lived with them and basically told everyone what to do.


So Parenting Tips & Tricks weren’t really needed.  Nana knew all this stuff.

Then, we all decided to start moving around and stuff and multi-generational families weren’t so common.  And all of a sudden, it’s 2am and the kid is screaming his lungs out and there’s no one to tell you what to do!


Thus, behold the Awesome.

Even More 5 Parenting Tips & Tricks:

fairy money

1. Use a little glue glitter to make “Tooth Fairy Money.”  (Editor’s note: a FIVER?  Hah!  My kids are lucky they graduated to a buck a molar.)


stability ball

2. Wiggly kids that have a hard time sitting still long enough to study?  Invest in a stability ball.  Long-term studies are showing increased concentration for longer periods of time–and an improved core!


kid mode

3. Make your expensive iPad safe with “Kid Mode.”  This feature (only available is iOS6) locks the application and disables any hardware controls that could lead your toddler on a wayward path. Learn how to turn it on here.


shoe caddy

4.  Use a shoe caddy as “kid central” for long drives.  Rather than paying $150.00 for a fancy car organizer (I’m not kidding.  $150 bucks!) I bought a shoe caddy for $5.35.  Neatly stores everything and keeps it within reach of grubby little paws.


temp tattoos

5. Temporary tattoos that help locate your little person.  These are by a company called Tottoos.  So brilliant that I can’t even stand it.


Ready for more parenting genius?  Click here for BuzzFeed.com

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