Every Beautiful Thing: Andy Grammer And “Fresh Eyes”

Every Beautiful Thing: Andy Grammer And “Fresh Eyes” Imagine the lowest moment of your life- in a homeless shelter or rescue mission- the very last of the safety nets to catch you before you sink into that bottomless pit. SingerĀ Andy Grammer, one of our favorite interviews- and men- of all time is devoted to the cause of restoring these people to self-esteem, strength, and hope- all because someone cared. Please watch the video- it’s so very beautiful and will make you weep happy tears.

“Every Beautiful Thing” is my personal project in a year of unimaginable loss: most painfully, my little boy MacLean. But there is SO much beauty in this world! If you’re feeling the pain and loss of this miserable year, please follow along for more moments of joy. If you have something to suggest, please post it below!

Todd and I had the pleasure of interviewing Andy a few years back, and his interest in helping the homeless stemmed (just a bit) from our discussion of the healing power of his music at our local women and children’s shelter. Have a listen…

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