Every Beautiful Thing: “Hallelujah” Sung By A Child With Autism

Every Beautiful Thing: “Hallelujah” Sung By A Child With Autism. In my continuing quest to find something beautiful in this world every day- I can’t type fast enough to tell you about 10 year old Kaylee Rodgers. She has autism- like my twins- and she was a very shy, reserved girl when she started school at the Killard House in Donaghadee in Northern Ireland. Her music teacher discovered Kaylee had a spectacular talent for singing and encouraged her along. Four years later, this beautiful little person stands in front of her chorus to sing Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.” I’m still feeling chills running up and down my spine.


There’s no question that my boys have been a huge challenge.

There’s not a parent with an autistic child that would disagree with this. But these children- they’re a gift. Kids on the autism spectrum display sometimes subtle- oftentimes spectacular gifts. I truly believe they are sent here to help us all. Here’s Kaylee’s beautiful voice. I hope you feel the same joy as I do. 2016 has been a painful, difficult year for many of us. But music can heal the heart, so let Kaylee’s voice soothe you as we head into a hopeful 2017. The happiest of holidays to you all.

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