Evil Genius: Better Than Boot Socks

I LOVE the look of boots and boot socks.  Getting them long enough was always tricky, and then if the shaft of the boot is narrow, I’m struggling to get the zipper up over the boot socks.


Behold the Awesome.

If you love the look but not the expense and inconvenience of boot socks (Editor’s note: I just saw cashmere boot socks “on sale” for $110.00.  Seriously?) this is a great alternative.

Grab an old sweater or pick up a couple of cheap ones from the thrift store.



Separate the sleeve from the body.  Then cut a section 3-5 inches long up from the cuff.  Whipstitch the ragged end so it doesn’t unravel and voila!  A boot sock cuff!  Cheap, pretty, not bulky.



PS: DO NOT throw away the body of the sweater!  We’re making pillows with that tomorrow.  See how freaking CRAFTY you are?



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