“Evil Genius” Organization–Six Brilliant Ideas

“Evil Genius” Organization–Six Brilliant Ideas. There’s no higher accolade in our family than “Evil Genius.”  After all, they’re the ones that built all those secret labs in the middle of volcanoes and created murderous sharks with laser beams.  These organizational ideas are no less magnificent…


This one paralyzes me with it’s Awesome.  Tall shelves laid on their sides with baskets and bins to hold toys, mats on top to use as a bench.  I’ve seen these kind of bookcases at Ikea for less than $80.00.   Credit: http://iheartorganizing.blogspot.com


Organize a plastic dresser and use labels for the days of the week. Not only will this keep your kid’s clothes organized, but it can also teach young children about the days of the week.  Credit: http://playgroundduty.blogspot.com/


Use storage baskets mounted to a closet wall for belts, lingerie, scarves, etc.  Keeps floor clear.  Credit: http://diydesignfanatic.blogspot.com



I am doing this before the start of the next school year!  The best idea I’ve seen yet!  Credit: http://delightfulorder.blogspot.com

Ever forgot if you took one dose or two? Try this out! Why didn’t I think of this?!  Credit: http://www.landeeseelandeedo.com


Use one of those closet shoe organizers to store kid’s school and craft supplies!  Credit: http://www.attemptingaloha.com



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