Fall Style For NON Size Twos…

Now mind you, I have a sister who wears a size two.  I still love her.  Just not as much.

But I love some of the new looks for fall from designers who apparently remembered they were dressing the average American woman.

From the US Bureau Of Statistics: 

  • average female height: 5″4
  • average female dress size 12-14
  • average model height: 5″10
  • average model dress size 0-2

Just to remind you that we are the normal ones, okay?


From Trashy Diva: Cutest coat dress in the WORLD


Donna Karan’s version of the Coat Dress:

The new ruffle sweaters from Khujo:

Jeans and Costume Jewelry are getting a lot of attention:

Lace detailing with wool and flannel skirts:

Lace Skirts!



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