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I finally came around to the idea of a family planner binder when The Todd started laughing at me right before a business trip.


I’d placed menus, contact info, medical release forms, insurance cards, planning schedules for medications and homework, even our will–all in individual plastic protector sheets and taped them on every vertical surface in the kitchen.  It occurred to me (after I chased my husband around the house snapping a wet towel for laughing at me) that it would just be easier to have everything in a big binder.  It doesn’t have to be fancy, but there’s some main elements that make life easier:

  1. Cleaning schedules
  2. Shopping lists & menu plans
  3. A list of important phone and email addresses–including two out of state contacts in case of a major emergency
  4. A daily schedule for the kids, including bedtime rituals, homework times, music lessons, lacrosse practice, etc.
  5. A daily schedule for medications and/or vitamins, etc.  This is very important in our home, so I have a list that needs to be checked off and initialed so there’s no questions about who got what.
  6. A business card plastic holder with all the membership cards for the zoo, gym. children’s museum, library, etc.
  7. Petty cash envelope…kids and nannies know to leave receipts for cash taken.
  8. A monthly calendar for upcoming events, appointments, and bill due dates.
  9. A plastic binder for school permission forms, things that need to be signed
  10. This one has saved me tons of late fees: envelopes and stamps for bills that can’t be paid online, bills stay in pouch till ready to be mailed.

Now then: free printables to make this run smoothly.

My personal favorite is Chart Jungle–Wendy Shepard’s site has everything from blank calendars to complex medication charts, all free to download and print.  Click here to look around.

Free Family planner templates come from Prepared Not Scared, click here to take a look.

Living Locuto has really pretty printables for all kinds of specialty needs.  Click here to find these.

Photo credit: Parenting With Miss Poppins

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