Five Delicious Dishes To Cook In November

Five Delicious Dishes To Cook In November. Sigh…November.  A month when even the least enthusiastic cook (yes, my hand is up) tries desperately to prove they have Mad Skills In The Kitchen.  Take a look at the five delicious dishes here–all foods at their peak this month!

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Five Delicious Dishes To Cook In November

delicious november food

1. Parmesan Roasted Cauliflower  Absolutely the single most delicious dish on the planet, and a veggie so rich and tasty that even your “a french fry is the only vegetable I will consume” child will wolf down.




acorn squash and sweet potato soup

2. Acorn Squash & Sweet Potato Soup I really, REALLY hate squash. Like every kind. And I will slurp this soup down like a beverage if I’m allowed.



brown sugar and walnut pancakes

3. Pumpkin Brown Sugar & Pecan Pancakes My girlie Karen made these for us last time we spent the weekend at her place. I had to hold her down and tickle her for a full 30 minutes to get the recipe.



grilled brussel sprouts with chaneterelles

4. Grilled Brussel Sprouts With Chanterelles–can’t grill?  Here’s a similar recipe. Brussel sprouts are another one of those magical vegetables that can be grilled or sauteed into something far beyond a plant yanked from the dirt. Something…something sublime. (Editor’s note: if you’ve never seen the brussel sprouts episode of “Portlandia,” I would strongly suggest it. You will have so hard you might actually dislodge an internal organ.)



roasted lamb with rosemary

5. Roasted Lamb With Rosemary–because you know you’re eating nothing but turkey the week after Thanksgiving. So start the month with something especially luxurious.

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