Five Epic Valentine’s Day Gift Fails


Epic valentines fails

Five Epic Valentine’s Day Gift Fails. Please. Don’t do this to the person you love. Just…don’t.

Everyone freaks out over Valentine’s Day and the pressure to get the “perfect gift.” Sometimes, “thinking outside the box” lands you in a dumptruck of trouble. Like these epic fails:


1. Wacky Novelty Toilet Paper: whatever it says on the tp, having it near that part of your body just killed the romance. For good.




2. It’s Mama’s Drinking Night: nothing says “romance” like Drunk Mommy.

drunk mommy




3. Kiss My…Uh…Chocolate: even the addition of chocolate to this uncomfortable suggestion is still going to get you a visit from the Slap Fairy.

kiss my



4. Valentine’s Day Dog Collar: I’d give everything I own to be in on this romantic scene.

“Hey, baby. Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Her: “oh, you remembered!”

Him: “yeah, here’s your dog collar! Look, it even has hearts on it!”

Her: silence.

Him: “uh, baby, what are you going to do with that baseball bat?”

dog collar




5. Valentine’s Day “Ring-holder” Figurine: No. Just…no.

ring holder


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