Five Fall Shows You Shouldn’t Miss

Thank the good Lord for my DVR.


I’d never get to see a single thing on tv if I couldn’t record it.  But there’s 5 shows this Fall that critcs are raving over–particularly USA Today.  I’ll watch them just so I’m not the only one smiling blankly when everyone else is giggling the next morning.  Take a look…


5.    Elementary(CBS, Thursdays, 10 ET/PT, Sept. 27)

No series this fall has a more cynical genesis than Elementary, a CBS procedural based on the Sherlock Holmes stories but wholly inspired by the network’s failure to acquire the rights to adapt the British hit Sherlock. So CBS did its own version — and extremely well.

Eli Stone‘s terrific Jonny Lee Miller shines as the latest Sherlock, a consulting detective seeking a new start in New York after drug abuse destroyed his London career. To keep Sherlock straight, his father sticks him with a sobriety watchdog: Lucy Liu as a female Dr. Watson.


4.  Vegas (CBS, Tuesdays, 10 ET/PT, Sept. 25)

This fact-based, ’60s-set Mob drama from Goodfellas writer Nicholas Pileggi casts Dennis Quaid as Ralph Lamb, a cranky rancher living outside of a pre-boom Las Vegas who becomes the town’s unwilling new sheriff. And boy, does Vegas need one, what with a well-cast Michael Chiklis moving in as a Chicago gangster.

Please.  It’s Dennis Quaid.  Need I say more?


3.  Revolution (NBC, Mondays, 10 ET/PT, Sept. 17)

Revolution has what may be the season’s best setup: A man comes home, frantically downloads a secret file and announces it’s all “going to turn off, and it will never, ever turn back on.” Then we watch as everything with an electric spark goes dead. Try to hold on to the sense of wonder that opening engenders as the show jumps forward 15 years to a world without electricity, where people have either reverted to farming or just scavenging, with bows, crossbows and swords as weapons, and where militias (with the few remaining guns) now rule as centralized government has collapsed.


2.  Nashville (ABC, Wednesdays, 10 ET/PT, premieres Oct. 10)

Never mind the country theme. Nashville rocks.

Even the least thrilling of seasons always produces at least one series that sets critical hearts a-beating, and this year, that is Nashville. A clever country mash-up of Smash, Dynasty and All About Eve, this ABC musical drama was created by Callie Khouri, the Oscar-winning screenwriter of Thelma & Louise, and stars Connie Britton, the Emmy-nominated star of Friday Night Lights and American Horror Story


1.  The Walking Dead (AMC, Sundays, 8 ET/PT, premieres Oct. 14)

Like I’m going to leave The Walking Dead out?  Please.

If you haven’t seen the first two seasons, it’s still fine to start with the rest of us on October 14th.  The tv adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s graphic novel is the best thing on tv–and the highest-rated basic cable series.  Even if you don’t love the rotting supperating flesh of the Walkers, the cast of wildly divergent personalities will snare you.  Especially Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon and British actor Andrew Lincoln as the morally tortured Rick Grimes.  And this season?  The Zombies aren’t the worst thing out there.  EEEEEEEE!





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