Five Fresh Holiday Decor Ideas

Five Fresh Holiday Decor Ideas. While nothing will ever take the dark spot in my heart where Halloween resides, I think we can all agree few things are more fun than decorating for the Holidays.

holiday bulbs

(Editor’s note: in fact, I often get into trouble because after decorating, I’m perfectly happy.  It’s at the point where I realize “oh, crap!  I’m supposed to buy gifts, aren’t I?” that the Holidays lose their luster for me.)


Here’s five new trends for the Holidays this year to make yours once again…

The Shiniest House On The Block

shiny balls

1. Lots and lots of shiny balls…in wreaths, door arrangements, topiaries and more.


mesh mantel

2. Mesh ribbons–used on trees, wreathes, mantelpieces and more.


christmas boots

3. Whimsical front door decor–boots, lanterns, big shiny plastic snowflakes–all larger than life.


monogram wreath

4. Monogram Wreaths, made from different materials, moss, mesh, burlap and candy.


white christmas

5. Monochromatic decor: I only wish I could go all white, but there’s lovely hues of lavender, light green and cream colored decor.

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