Five Fresh Valentine’s Day Traditions To Try

Five Fresh Valentine’s Day Traditions To Try. It’s been interesting to see the response recently to new traditions…there’s a real hunger right now to develop more traditions as a family, for a new couple just starting out, or just as individuals wanting to create a new sense of order and pattern in their lives.



Valentine’s Day is a wonderful option–because I’ve never thought it should be “owned” by couples.  There’s so much to do!  Why waste it on the greeting card industry’s idea of what is fun?




Let’s try something more fun, shall we?


Five Fresh Valentine’s Day Traditions To Try


1. Heart Walk–when the kids wake up in the morning, they follow the “Heart Walk” to find a treat and a poem at the end.  This can be done indoors with paper hearts if Mr. Winter doesn’t feel like cooperating.



2. Love String–add a new heart every day with something you love about your kiddo, your sweetheart, or yourself.  (Yes, BabyGirl, you are worth celebrating as a lovely and clever person.  If you don’t think you deserve it, how will anyone else?)



3. Valentine’s Day breakfast–forget the expensive and crowded restaurant for dinner.  Make a fun Valentine’s Day breakfast. There’s 7 fresh ideas from 24/7 Moms.


valentines day tree

4. Valentine’s Day Tree–why should Christmas have all the fun?  There’s way too may adorable Valentines-ey things to make to not have them somewhere.


heart shaped cookies

5. Epic Heart Shaped Food–forget the delicate lace cookies, what can you make epic and heart-shaped?   My personal favorite is the Heart Shaped Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake.


valentine's day advent calendars

Bonus Valentine’s Day Tradition: if you didn’t see my post about Valentine’s Day Advent Calendars, you still have plenty of time to make one–and they’re freaking adorable.


5 fresh valentine's day traditions

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