Five Makeup Tricks To Make You Look Younger Now

Five Makeup Tricks To Make You Look Younger Now. I admit it.  I still have the waist-long hair and bangs I wore in high school.  I still wear the same lame-o hair clips.  I stubbornly avoid any stylist who tells me to cut it. But other stuff–I can get rid of it.  Especially if it’s aging me.  I met a wonderful makeup artist–Carmella–on the set of a tv commercial I shot last week.  While she was deftly waving sponges and long brushy things all over my face, she gave me the following advice:

Five Makeup Tricks To Make You Look Younger Now


1.  Back off the base: the most cover you use, the more it ages you.  Carmella suggests the lightest concealer possible on age spots and flaws.  Try to avoid any heavy foundations.



2.  Try a tinted moisturizer: something with luminescent particles or lightweight liquid foundations are best for lined skin–powder will settle into the lines and make them more obvious.


eyelash curler

3.   The widest eyes come from an eyelash curler:  I personally feel these thingies are more of a medieval torture device–but Carmella says the best trick is this combo:

  • eyelash curler
  • masacara
  • shimmering eye shadow
  • paler brow powder



4.   Neutral rose colors look amazing on everyone: mattes and nude lipsticks were cool this year, but they also make you look lifeless.  There’s a neutral rose shade for lips and cheeks for every skin type.



5.  Define your lips: this one’s tricky–a really defined color can age you.  Try lining your lips first with a clear lip pencil–then paint in the color.  The clear lip liner holds the color in and doesn’t let it seep into lines around your mouth.



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