Five Quick Steps To An Organized Summer Closet


Five Quick Steps To An Organized Summer Closet. Moving into summer is an excellent time to get your closet put back together–cold weather clothes are bulkier, and jamming everything in together ensures the kind of helpless rage that can only come from standing in front of a jam-packed closet in your underpants and finding NOTHING TO WEAR.  Putting all those fellas away and gloating over your light and airy closet is a joy worth the quick organizing frenzy.

Five Quick Steps To An Organized Summer Closet

Step 1: Time to Purge

If your space is limited, store your winter-only items on the top shelf in your closet. That way, Fold ’em up nicely and get them out of the way–you need those hangers!  When helping the kids shed their winter bulk, it’s a good time to go through what will be too small to wear by next fall, what’s been trashed beyond repair (sigh, my boys.  All the time.)  And then store what will still be useable.  The rest goes to Goodwill or the trash.  Be stern.  This is a good time to accept that your prarie skirts and velour blouse thing that makes you look like an eggplant needs to go.  Away.


Step 2: Section Up Your Styles

I don’t care how OCD it makes us look–you will be able to find a perfectly matched outfit at midnight in a coal mine if you organize your clothing by type and color.  I did this with The Todd–I gave him our entire walk-in closet and hung up everything–even his jeans–by color and style.   Shorter sleeves to longer, casual to dressy.


Step 3: Fold & Stack

There’s no need to waste hanging space on bulkier items like sweaters, sweat shirts, and stuff that stretches out if hung.  This is key: create your own partitions using shelf risers to maximize the vertical space, and ensure that your folded items don’t get messy or topple over.


Step 4: Shoes On Parade

I don’t have much luck with shoe trees, but those clear plastic boxes come 10 for $10.00 at Walmart.  Stack those puppies up and keep them organized by labeling them, or taping a picture of the shoes to the front of the box. Keep your favorite shoes the most visible and toward the front so they’re easily accessible.


Step 5: Display Your Goodies

Jewelry stuffed in a jewelry box doesn’t get worn.  I use a belt hanger for all my jewelry and a tie hanger for all my scarves.  Using 3M hooks ($8) to display belts, bags, scarves, and necklaces isn’t a bad idea either–the hooks hold up to 5 pounds and they’re easy to remove.


Ready for more ideas?  See the rest of this series here from FabSugar

5 quick steps for an organized summer closet



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