Four Months Of Free Infant Formula For Your Little Person

There’s nothing about this study that I don’t love…

If you’re expecting–or know someone who is–that cannot breastfeed and plans to bottle-feed her newborn, there’s an incredible opportunity through Jean Brown Research.  They’re running a weight-gain study for an infant formula that is already out on the market.  I know which one it is–it’s excellent, with all the important additions like DHA and Lutein.  The study was commissioned for the World Health Organization–they want to use the infant formula in Third World areas for starving infants.

Taking part in the study means your little person gets 4 months of free formula, regular checkups from a board-certified pediatrician and you’ll get up to $225.00 for time and travel expenses.  That’s around $400.00 worth of formula and excellent health care for your baby!   What I love most about this study is that while you’re helping your little one grow and thrive here, your part in this study will help save the lives of infants around the world.

Pretty amazing, eh?

Let’s be clear–I have always believed Breast Is Best.  I nursed the twins for a year.  But many women are not able to nurse for many valid reasons.  Infant formula is the next best option.  So, why not save that $400.00 or so in formula costs and use it for diapers, or to start a college fund?  Please stop by here to see if you qualify for the study, or call Jean Brown Research at 801.261.2000.


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