Four Reasons Kid’s Chores Matter In An Organized Home



Four Reasons Kid’s Chores Matter In An Organized Home. Summer’s always our big time to change household routines and structure.  Since our twins have autism, they’re not fond of change, so we try to make sure that everything else is pretty relaxed at the same time.  I will be the first to tell you that at any age–ANY age–it’s easier to do the blasted chore yourself.  I mean, really.


But what I have discovered after years of walking them through chores over and over and OVER, is that kids need them. They crave the structure it brings to the day, even though it’s often combined with nagging.  They need the pride of a job done well and praise from the ‘rents.  And there’s all the stuff about giving them crucial life skills, etc.  But my favorite discovery is this: doing our chores created a family unit: a unit that worked only if all the members did.

If you’re still pondering what chores to introduce at what age, here’s an excellent list I found from The Happy  She’s graciously made a free, printable download that you can find here.

Age-Appropriate Chores For Kids





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