Free Cookbooks For Grilling…Baking…Managing Weight

There’s only one recipe book that I’ve ever paid for–and it was “The Silver Palate” cookbook for The Todd, who yearned for it with a furious passion.  (Editor’s note: it could be worse, he could have yearned for a Corvette.)  Everything else–get it free, honey!  Here’s a listing of some of the best new cookbooks–all free, most available to download.  I know lots of you like keeping an online recipe box, so let’s make it easy.

 Free Cookbooks

The Top 12 Incredible Cupcakes Book from “Southern Living”


Girl Scout Cookie Copycat Recipes

Favorite Grilling Recipes–From Kabobs To Marinades & Rubs

 Diabetic Diet Recipe Books

Managine Diabetes used to mean a bleak and depressing existence–food-wise.  Those days are over.  There’s tons of variety, you just need a stockpile of new ideas.   Take a look:

Diabetes Grilling Handbook

Low-Carb Diabetes Recipes


Diabetic Sweets & Treats Cookbook


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