Free Credit Reports & Advice On Credit Repair

I hate the recent influx of websites that claim to offer your credit score for free–then gleefully pile on extra charges and “automatic renewals” for “credit monitoring.”  Try Credit Sesame–it’s a free credit report check every month, and they’ll offer ideas on how to improve your credit score, lower credit card rates, etc.  You aren’t required to buy anything.  Click here to take a look around.

You think checking your score every month is a little OCD?  So did I, until The Todd’s Social Security number was stolen–from a state database, no less.  Keeping a clear score is the best peace of mind you can ask for–and if you’re working on trying to take some dings off your record, there’s simple options here to help you.  There’s plenty of places happy to take your money to repair your credit.  I hate to be a buzzkill, but they can’t do it any faster than you can.


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