Free Financial Bootcamps: Putting Your Money To Work

Do you know what your retirement plan is?



Do you know the difference between a 401(k) and an IRA?

It doesn’t really matter where you’re starting from, a strong knowledge of what’s happening with your money and building your future is crucial.  I’m a big believer in women managing their own money, or at least sitting down together as a couple and making the decisions as a team.

There’s some excellent–and free!–email courses that you can take to get caught up in an easy way.  I actually re-took the “Baby On Board” Bootcamp when we adopted Zoe–there were so many changes and difference options than when we’d had the twins!  Take a look below and see which free financial service is right for your stage in life.  I know a lot of us are starting over again from scratch–the Great Recession was brutal.  If you saw your hard-earned savings dwindle away, there’s no better time to start fresh.  Good luck!

Free Financial Bootcamps:


1. Baby On Board Bootcamp teaches you the basics of what it’s going to cost to raise this little person–smart investments and things that aren’t worth your money.  Click here to sign up.

2. Take Control Bootcamp: do you feel like you’re so overwhelmed or so deep in debt that there’s no hope?  Take Control is for you.  You’ll be astonished at how many steps you can take now to recover your finances.  Click here to sign up.

3. Retire In Style Bootcamp: this helps you to figure out what it takes to retire and what you’ll need to be comfortable.  Don’t be discouraged if you’re close to retirement age and just now thinking about it.  This is a great email program to re-empower you.  Click here to sign up.  (Editor’s note: this is an incredible resource if you’re in the “Sandwich Generation” and you have no idea if Mom and Dad even have a retirement plan.)



4. LearnVest College Sweepstakes: click here to enter to win a $1000.00 for College.


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