Free Inside Tips To Navigate Disneyland & Disney World

Look…let’s face it.  If you have kids, the Holy Grail of Summer Vacation is a trip to The Happiest Place On Earth: Disneyland or Disney World.


(Editor’s note: I will tell you that The Todd and I hit the Magic Kingdom 2-3 times a year for work.  While our children sleep in and enjoy the rides with their nanny, we’re hosting late night events, getting up at 2am to do our radio show live and then maybe filming a commercial before getting back on the flight while our beastly offspring tell us what a lovely time they had.  And our friends at Disneyland spoil them shamelessly.  That’s why I owe Lisa a kidney or, like, my liver if she ever wants it.)

But how do you navigate this complexity of Awesome without help?  Here’s two great and free options:

Sign up by clicking here or the box above for occasional updates from All Things Disney on special rates, quick travel sales and discounts.  It’s free, of course.


Have you heard about The Map?  Click the box above to print off a customized map that your kids can color.  You can designate all the places you want to hit at Disney World and it’ll show you quickest routes, shortest line waits and more.


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