Free–Or Cheap–Father’s Day Family Fun Along The Wasatch Front

Free–Or Cheap–Father’s Day Family Fun Along The Wasatch Front


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Admit it.  You totally forgot to pick something up for Dad, didn’t you?  Here’s a chance to redeem yourself at the last minute and TOTALLY look like you made an effort.  We’re here for you, honey.

5 Father’s Day Gifts & Activities:

1. Boston Market: BOGO free bbq ribs dinner with this coupon.

2. The Spaghetti Factory: Dads eat free here on Sunday.  They just do.

3. Sam’s Club Member?  They’re doing free health screenings for men this weekend–all male-specific things he’s likely ignored.  It’s a $150.00 screening for free.  Details here.

4. This Is The Place State Park: free admission and free ice cream on Friday June 13 for families.  Info here.

5. SL Bees Baseball: take Dad to the game Sunday.  There’s BOGO free tickets and $1.00 hotdogs.

Free–Or Cheap–Father’s Day Family Fun Along The Wasatch Front

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Chalk Art Festival: this runs Friday, Saturday, and Sunday–gorgeous chalk art and exhibitions to benefit the Utah Foster Care Foundation.  Admission is free.  More info here.

Utah Highland Games: Friday and Saturday at Thanksgiving Point.  Nothing stirs the soul like bagpipes, haggis and kilts.  We’re hardcore Scots and there’s nowhere we’d rather be this weekend.  Admission $10-15.00. You’ll find all the info here.

Friday Night Flicks: “Despicable Me Part 2” Utah Olympic Oval, 8:30.  Free admission.  Location and info here.



Farmer’s Markets: they’re back with a vengenace!  Find info about the SLC Farmer’s Market, or the Wasatch Front Farmer’s Market at Gardener Village or the Farmer’s Market at Willow Park West in Logan, along with the Wasatch Front Farmer’s Market at Thanksgiving Point.  All start at 9am with free admission.  But Dad a cup of coffee or an ice cream and wander.

GeoCaching Adventure at Swaner Nature Preserve, Park City: try something new with Dad!  There’s a guided geo-caching adventure to show you the ropes.  $15.00, 6:30pm.  Info here.


B-25 Bomber Event, Heber City Airport.  Even The Todd gets all excited when it comes to Old-School airplanes.  Take Dad to the air show for a mere $5.00.  Details and directions here.

More Farmer’s Markets To ExplorePark Silly Sunday Market opens today, free admission. Wheeler Farms Farmer’s Market has loads of attractions for kids, pony rides, wagons, smelly livestock–the works. Free admission and info here.

6th Annual Father’s Day Brewfest, Snowbird: free music, discounted bbq and family awesome.

Need more ideas? and have even more events and fun on the cheap.

Need from free or cheap last minute gift ideas?  Check out our Pinterest Father’s Day page.

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