The Free Printable Holiday “Quick-Cleaning” Checklist

The free printable Holiday “quick-cleaning” checklist: here’s why I need it.

I do like people.  I swear.  I love my family and neighbors and relatives and friends.  But the Holidays are horrible for people just “dropping by” and while I’m happy to see them, I will never enjoy the evening because I’ll be painfully aware that that dirty saucepan has been there long enough to grow a little colony of mold people and praying no one will want to hit the bathroom because I’m sure one of the twins has “missed” the toilet again.

bad hostess

But the sheer loveliness of has a pile of excellent printables, including this free “Quick-Clean” checklist designed especially for the Holidays.   Pick how much time you have before your house is invaded and check the list for the crucial “must-clean items.”


quick clean checklists


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2 responses to “The Free Printable Holiday “Quick-Cleaning” Checklist”

  1. Auriette says:

    Before you light those candles, please think about whether your guests have allergies. We don’t just “drop in” on people, and even when we’re invited, it’s a struggle to get my husband to go out with me, because of his allergies. Will we have to walk through a gauntlet of smokers to get to the front doors? Will the host have candles burning or Plug-ins in every room? Maybe if you don’t want your unexpected visitors, having strong scents going can help drive them away, but if you actually like the people, please be considerate of those with allergies.

  2. todderinfav5admin says:

    Auriette–SUCH a good point! I stopped using the smelly candles I loved because they were irritating my kiddos sinus issues.

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