Laundry Supplies, Candles, Groceries & More: Free Sample Frenzy

Summer’s my favorite time to start trolling for free samples.


free samples


They’re perfect for packing for road trips, sending off to camp and in soccer lunches…I’ve made baby shower gift baskets all from free samples and oh, so many more diabolical ideas.  It’s all stuff you like.  So, why not get it for free?


Here’s my favorite free sample offers this week–just click on the box of the items that interest you.  They really are free.  No credit card needed, no “trial period.”  Just free.  Have at it…


1.   Free samples of Snuggle Fabric Softener by clicking here.


2.   Free samples of Crest 3D White Strips by clicking here.


3.   Get $100.00 worth of free grocery samples by clicking here



4.   Free Glade Fragrance Candles by clicking here.

5.   Free samples for Frebreze (a lifesaver around my house with two stinky boys and a stinky Portuguese Waterdog) by clicking here.



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