Free “Sensory-Friendly” Viewing Of “Nocturna” For Autism Families

Free “Sensory-Friendly” Viewing Of “Nocturna” For Autism Families



If the term “sensory friendly” is new to you, it’s a wonderful new trend where a child’s film is shown with the lights up a little, the sound turned down a tad, and kids are welcome to get up, walk around, dance, whatever enhances their experience.  And no cranky looks!  Kids on the Autism Spectrum or with sensory disorders often find regular theatres too loud and distracting.


The wonderful folks at the Utah Film Center started a FREE monthly showing for a sensory-friendly experience for kids and their families.  This Saturday, they’re showing “Nocturna” at 9:15am at the downtown City Library.  (210 East 400 South Salt Lake City)  “Nocturna” is simply exquisite–you’ll love it! For more info on the free monthly films, visit

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