Free Thanksgiving Cookbooks & Crafting Ideas

The Todd has very firm opinions about our nationwide over-looking-ness of Thanksgiving.  We’re pretty much the only radio station that doesn’t leap into Christmas music the day after Halloween.


If you too, are a fan of the humble Thanksgiving holiday, there’s some great new–and free!–resources to help us out.

Pick up a free Thanksgiving Recipe/Craftbook from Recipe Lion–some of the crafts are perfect for keeping the little people busy while you’re battling that obstinate turkey.  Click here to order.

Mr. Food popped out a new–and free!–Thanksgiving eCookbook with 40 different recipes.  If you’ll stick your head in the oven with the turkey if you see one more Green Bean Casserole, click here to order the cookbook.

Speaking of the turkey, what do you do with the leftovers after that first turkey, stuffing and cranberry sandwich?  My girlie Katie ordered this in a moment of absolute genius: a free Chicken Casserole eCookbook.  What tastes good with chicken tastes even better with turkey, eh?  Click here to order yours.

Nothing tougher than being on a diet during Thanksgiving–but eating cleverly can still get you through the holiday without feeling utterly deprived.  Click here for a free Low Calorie eCookbook.  There’s several recipes here that can be modified for the Thanksgiving table.


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