Frustrated By Your Finances? Free Support & Advice For Women

I do the books in the Collard Household.

There’s some things that I could never attempt to tackle, like spackling the shower or putting up a drywall frame.  That’s what The Todd is for.  But he likes to admit that if HE were paying the bills, creating the budget, setting our financial goals and paying the taxes…we would be in jail.  But that doesn’t mean he’s off the hook.  If you’re in a financial partnership, it’s crucial that both parties understand the financial goals and direction taken.



But I worry that there’s too many women–either in partnerships or not–that haven’t taken control of their financial destiny.

  • What’s the difference between an IRA and a 401 (k)?
  • How do you save for a home purchase?
  • What’s more important, paying down credit card debt or saving money?
  • How much student loan debt can you handle?


Daily Worth

These are all questions that we all need to know–but don’t panic.  You can get a crash course in financial organization in small, bite-sized chunks with Daily Worth–it’s aimed specifically at women and delivers another building block of financial information to your inbox every day.  The service is free, and the site is not affiliated with any financial company that’s out to snag your business.  Click here to get started.  We’re going to be International Financial Moguls in no time!


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