Grocery Sales Cycles–Planning Ahead For a Prepared Pantry

One of the most common concerns we hear from the community here at “The Todd & Erin Favorite Five” is food storage.  Since we’re all pretty much barely affording our grocery budget now, planning for extras to build the Prepared Pantry seems overwhelming.  But it’s pretty much like everything else.  A bite at a time.  For instance, did you know canned foods go on sale in February? Perfect time to stock up.  Here’s an excellent, comprehensive list to follow from “Living Richly On A Budget.”

It’s more than just being organized–your family saves a boatload of money when you buy when prices are low, then have them ready to go year round.  Nearly every government, church and charity is urging us to have a stockpile of food and emergency supplies.  (Editor’s note: if this feels overwhelming, click here for some easy, simple lists to get you started.)

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