Halloween Pumpkin Decorating Styles

This isn’t about carving pumpkins.


If you want to know that, I have a couple of sources with excellent, creative and most importantly, FREE stencil designs.  Click here to take a look.

No, this is about pumpkins in all their glorious decorating variations.   I’m enormously fond of decorating with these sturdy little gourds because they’re…well…sturdy, and they’re cheap.  Take a look and see what fits your style:


“Heirloom Pumpkins”



Topiary Pumpkins



Stocking Pumpkins



Gilt Pumpkins



Victorian Style



Monogram Pumpkins



Spooky Pumpkins

Pumpkin Wreath



Chimera Decoupage Pumpkins

Note: these are a little extra challenging, find directions here from FineFettle.com


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