The Halloween Tree: Easy Step By Step Guide

The Halloween Tree: Easy Step By Step Guide. The season barely slides out of the 100+ degrees when the twins start scouting for the “Halloween Tree” on our hikes in the foothills.  Unlike Christmas, where big and fancy is ideal for a tree, we look for gnarled, weathered, even burned if we can find it in our tree branch.

halloween tree 1

The Halloween Tree: Easy Step By Step Guide. So, here’s this year’s.  I cement it into a bucket of Quick Crete ($3.49 at Lowe’s) and hit it with some black spray paint for an extra gloomy effect.

Every year’s Halloween Tree is different–this one is a little spindly, so I “thickened it up” with strands of black nylon netting and spanish moss from the Dollar Store.  Next are the lights, the orange star for the stop and the paper lanterns (Dollar Store again.)

Halloween tree3


Everyone’s favorite part is adding their own creations.  As the boys have gotten older and more teenagery, their contributions tend to be creepier.  This year, they stuck with black birds and skulls.  Zoe added the Folk Art style felt ornaments she and I made.

Halloween folk art crafts

(Editor’s note:  The Todd’s contribution?  He added more cement and wired the poor tree up when it became apparent my cementing efforts were…ah…inadequate.)

We make it a challenge to keep the costs down to next to nothing, so we use a lot of inspiration from nature, the Dollar store and our supremely awkward crafting afternoons.

Finished product…

halloween tree

You can’t go wrong–either fancy or just freaky, the fun part of Halloween is making decor as out of control as possible.  And for twin teenage boys and a toddler?  That’s bliss, baby!

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