Handy Little Websites For The Tragically Disorganized

Oh, I used all of these sites first before I bothered to put them up for you.  We all know I need them the most.

CatalogChoice.org: sick of the 3,006 catalogues that flood Mr. Mailbox every month?  Log on to cataloguechoice.org–it’s free, of course– and find the ones that annoy you the most.  You’ll see how to opt-out and even find customer service numbers.

41Pounds.org: wanna go hardcore?  For 70 cents a month, 41Pounds.org will keep you and every member of your household off consumer mailing lists for 5 years.  Mr. Tree thanks you.

Doxo.com: I finally forced myself to start paying all our bills online, but it’s still a pain to log on to the power company website…then the gas website…then the…well, you get the picture.  Doxo.com is a free service that neatly collects all your online accounts–you can pay everything off one page.

Itsdeductible.com: we’re working on clearing closets and the basement for all usable clothes, appliances, towels, blankets and such that might help a struggling family from the Road Home Homeless Shelter start over.  Why not keep 2 or 3  baskets in the laundry room or garage for donations?  I wash the twin’s clothes that no longer fit and fold them right into the donation box.  Find the value of what you’re donating for tax purposes at itsdeductible.com.

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2 responses to “Handy Little Websites For The Tragically Disorganized”

  1. JanPattersonRN says:

    Brilliant. Thank you!

  2. Erin (and sometimes The Todd) says:

    Hope they all help you, too!

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