Her Knight In Ragged Denim: Bikers Against Child Abuse

Bikers Against Child Abuse is one of my favorite organizations.  They’re not soft and sweet, you won’t see any fuzzy, soft-focus commercials about them, but they’re wonderful.


Her Knight In Ragged Denim: Bikers Against Child Abuse. I had the honor of working with a local group here along the Wasatch Front when The Todd and I supported a family going through a dreadful court case.  The victim endured the worst kind of abuse and because of continued threats from the accused, the BACA people stepped in to support her.  They walked this little girl to school every day, waited for her outside the school all day so she could look out the window and see them, then walked her home.  These gigantic bearded creatures slept on the couch in her living room to make sure she’d feel safe.  And when it came time to testify in court, all 43 of the members crowded into the benches behind her table to support her.

The story below isn’t hers, but I love the pictures.  Go get some kleenex first.


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