"Hey, Honey, Should I Have a Face Lift or a Bust Enhancement?"

NEW from Todd:

Men, there are some questions that you should NEVER answer.

It’s a no-win situation. The only way out is to use the classic “I love you just the way you are,” line, even if in your mind you are picturing your wife’s perky new form. These types of questions are a trap that no man can escape. It’s like if you were kidnapped and you were asked, “do you want to be shot in the head or the chest?” You just can’t win.

Here’s a few more questions you should never answer:

“Which one of my sisters is the hottest?”

“If I died, which one of our friends would you be interested in?”

And, the standard: “does this make my butt look fat?”

Now, the obvious answer is “no!” But, the timing of the answer to the question is the key. The time span between the question and your answer should only be able to be measured by a group of scientists in a secret underground bunker under the Nevada desert.

So, ladies, please help us men out. If you have more questions that men should NEVER answer, please add them here, (unless it violates some sacred estrogren pact.)

Thanks, Todd

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2 responses to “"Hey, Honey, Should I Have a Face Lift or a Bust Enhancement?"”

  1. Pammy says:

    Ok, Todd…I may be breaking the pact but here are some other ones that I have thought of:

    1. Do you think she's pretty?
    2. Is she prettier than me?
    3. Who has been your best lover out of all the women you have been with?
    4. Is that how "she" did it? ("She" could be in reference to any exes that you have had, but most likely it's the one that was right before her, and "did it" could refer to any # of things, doesn't have to be sexual in nature.)

    Also, another note of advice:

    When asked, "What do you want for (insert any gift giving occassion, Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary, etc.)?"
    Our response, "Nothing"…we really don't mean literally nothing! "Nothing" really means, use your imagination and think of something, you have been with me long enough and should know what I like or don't like, what I would really want or not want and damn it…you had better know what size I wear and get it correct if you are buying me clothes (that's a whole other story there should you get it wrong because you are screwed either way…if it's too small, well you know what were thinking and if it's too big, you know what were thinking)! Just a note: score big brownie points by getting with her best friend that will know what she would want or at least she can be used as a "tool" to find out! NEVER EVER EVER get her NOTHING unless of course you really like sleeping on the couch!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Pammy, you are hysterical! And too, too right! Maybe there should be some kind of college course for guyd…

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