Hollywood Turnabout–Fair Play?

Interesting trend in Hollywood–remember the cliche of the rich, powerful older star dating the 18 year old starlet?  The uber-powerful women are now doing the same thing: finding super-hot guys in their 20’s.

Madonna (54), for instance: who’s dating 23 year old French model Brahim Z.



Then, there’s Jennifer Lopez (44), dating 27 year old backup dancer Casper Smart.



Even Ellen DeGeneres (53) is doing the same thing with 33 year old with Portia de Rossi.


So, I’m curious.  I’ve always thought that men who went after such younger women just weren’t “man” enough for a relationship with a female match in experience and age.  So, what does that say about the powerful women who now do the same?  Is turnabout fair play?  Would YOU totally jump to date a 20-something model if the tables were turned?








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