How Long Does Food Last? Guides For Freezer & Fridge

It’s the single most infuriating thing to me–wasting food…

For anyone who has actually seen true hunger–much less experienced it–throwing away food gone past it’s due date seems immoral, as well as wasteful.  I found this clever little guide from  I copied it off and put it on the fridge.  It’s worth a quick inventory to see what’s about to “go off” as my sister Tamara puts it.

After I went through all the food, I rearranged my storage in the freezer–putting the newest items below and foods needing to be used sooner at eye level.



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4 responses to “How Long Does Food Last? Guides For Freezer & Fridge”

  1. Sarah says:

    Erik will love this. He would freeze me if he could.

  2. todderinfav5admin says:

    Sarah–only as long as you’re hermetically sealed. 🙂

  3. Betty says:

    Great info!
    Have you considered writing about expiration dates for nonfood products? I cringe when people stockpile clearance health and beauty items. With coupons they got great deals, but have no idea if the products are outdated. While dental care items now have expiration dates, the shampoos and hair products have coded date stamps and you have to wonder if that isn’t why they had clearance stickers on them.
    And then even detergents and cleaning products can breakdown with age and using them could be dangerous.

  4. todderinfav5admin says:

    That’s a VERY GOOD point. Today’s post is on fruit and veggies and their mysterious coding. I promise to post product expiration guides next week. Thank you for the suggestion!

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