How To Become The Most Organized Person In The WORLD

How To Become The Most Organized Person In The WORLD. I’ve always dreamt of being the serene creature in the middle of chaos-the one who knew instantly where the missing sneaker was, how to get gum out of a sweater, how to add Powerpoint in the last minute to a presentation at work.  I’m always in the center of chaos, all right. But usually because I’m the one who caused or contributed to it.

most organized

When I stumbled onto this chart, I actually got a little weepy. There’s quick resource guides for everything you need for an organized life. Not just the house…or the family…or the job. But, also your online presence, your finances, yourself!

Here’s my challenge this week: pick one task from each category to do.  Most should take between 10-30 minutes.  Wanna try it with me?  Let me know how you do!



become the most organized person in the world

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3 responses to “How To Become The Most Organized Person In The WORLD”

  1. Alisa says:

    Thank you for this great article! It’s an inspiration 🙂

    • Chellakutty says:

      We had our Christmas plans ruined by a mall Santa that dcedied to leave the mall early last night (Christmas Eve). Needless to say, after all the hours my daughter spent getting the children (2,3,5,7) ready to meet Santa and have their pictures taken; it was a huge letdown. All of us felt that Christmas had been ruined, especially my daughter. She wanted more than anything to have these little ones have their picture made in their beautiful dresses this time. The dresses have never been worn and all the children fit them perfectly now, but will all grow out of them by next year. I spent the night very disturbed and could not let go of the fact that we spent hours and hours getting these little one’s ready and this Santa left early? How can a Santa leave early when the mall is telling people on the phone he will be there until 6:00pm? Today was Christmas, I have not talked to my daughter today, I left a message but I am sure she is still depressed. Your article helped me, we have been Christians for many many years. Thanks for sharing your struggles.

  2. Kristen says:

    COL Reminder is a life saver!! I love that I can set up weekly and monthly reminders, like I will never forget when to give my dog her monthly heart worm medication! Or change the air filter on my air condiitioner, things I would always struggle with before I got this app.

    Great article =)

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