How To Figure Out How Much To Serve At A Party

How To Figure Out How Much To Serve At A Party. The only thing worse than guests politely picking at your food and not eating it–is a table full of friends gobbling down their portions and expectantly looking at you for seconds…and you’re out. The Holidays are fraught with party minefields, let’s at least eliminate this one, shall we?


I stumbled across this wonderfully efficient chart to help determine how much to serve at a party.  This way, you’re not broke and stuck with 16 bags of french fries and a case of mineral water.




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One response to “How To Figure Out How Much To Serve At A Party”

  1. Christina says:

    Yeah.. I do the 1.5 per guest on my parties, receptions and BBQs and still have leftover food. The problem…guests that say they’re coming, then backout a week before the event or just plain don’t show up.

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