Hunger + Anger = Hanger I KNEW This Was A Thing!

Hunger + Anger = Hanger I KNEW This Was A Thing!




See?  SEE?  I knew this was a thing!  Many times I’ve had to hand this picture to The Toff after an uber-cranky day of fasting.  He learned a long time ago that there is nothing on this planet I won’t do for him: place a worm on a hook, do his laundry and bear his children if he just feeds me first.

Apparently, “Prevention Magazine” also knew this little factoid and decided to explain it to us with the aid of a handy-dandy infographic.  Take a look:

Hunger + Anger = Hanger



So, now that we know this, perhaps we can save a few marriages–and a few waistlines.  My natural inclination is to immediately (and angrily) gobble down some hideous mixture of marshmallow-Lucky Charms cereal that is guaranteed to have undone all my hard work.  Which I will then immediately blame on The Todd.

What Will Save Us?

My favorite nutritionist has always ascribed to the “eat every four hours rule,” and her suggestion is prepare ahead with 100 calorie packs of snacks you can eat before Mr. Blood Suagr takes his rollercoaster ride with your sanity.  There’s a hundred or so neatly labeled packagaes of “100 calorie” thingies at the grocery store.  Here’s some more ideas if you want to save some money and do this at home:

hawaiian smoothie

30 DIY Snacks Under 100 Calories–including my favorite seen above, the Hawaiian Smoothie!



20 Healthy 100 Calorie Snacks–I like the Baked Mozzerella Bites.


If you don’t have the energy or inclination to get fancy–there’s an excellent and comprehensive list here from Nutritious with all the calorie counts added neatly beside the snack suggestion.



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