I Am In Nerd Heaven

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So, I checked my Twitter account and Gale Anne Hurd is following me back so I shrieked with excitement and nearly wet myself (so you know I was really, REALLY excited or it’s time to start doing Kegels again.)  If you are sadly not deep in the world of the Undead, Gale is the executive producer of the “Walking Dead” on AMC and one of the most powerful women in Hollywood.



I really think we could be best friends, but The Todd says even saying that makes me look like a stalker.  It’s not like I want to kidnap the woman and keep her in my garage wrapped in duct tape!  I just think we should have a sleepover because I have a notebook full of suggestions for the show.  Gale, I mean it!  BFFs!  For life!

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  1. […] that’s Producers Glen Mazzara and my BFF Gale Anne Hurd flanking Norman […]

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