I Did Not Know That! Cooking! Moles! Math!

I Did Not Know That! Cooking! Moles! Math!

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Ready for another round of Awesome?  This time. we’re tackling how to get rid of moles, warts and skin tags.  What to cook for dinner.  How avoid downloading a virus.  Make your kids think you’re a math whiz.  Or maybe you want that laptop battery to last longer?  You can do all these things!  You are Genius!


I Did Not Know That! Cooking! Moles! Math!

did not know apple cider vinegar

1. Apple Cider Vinegar Removes Moles & Warts: simply wet a small square of gauze with apple cider vinegar and cover the wart or mole.  Leave on overnight.  After a week or so of nightly applications, the marks with disappear.



did not know  laptop battery

2.  You Can Nearly Double The Lifespan Of Your Laptop!  Instead of charging the battery to 100% each time, charge it to 80%.  The lifespan of your expansive battery will extend to nearly twice as long.



know that pdf virus files

3.  Prevent A Virus: if you download a “.PDF” file and it ends in “.exe,” delete it immediately–it’s a virus.



know that math website

4.  Can’t Solve A Math Equation?  Go to www.wolframalpha.com and plug in any equation.  The site will solve the problem and display the process and the answer for you.


know that supercook

5.  Can’t Think Of Anything To Make For Dinner?  Go to Supercook.com and enter in the ingredients you have on hand.  The site will pop up meal ideas and tell you how to make them.

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