I Did Not Know That! Five Fast Fixes For Everyday Annoyances

I did not know that!


Yeah, I use that phrase a lot.  But I’m not ashamed to admit ignorance if I find something that makes life better.  With this is mind, here’s 5 fast fixes for everyday annoyances…


I Did Not Know That! Five Fast Fixes For Everyday Annoyances


1. Tired of washing dishes all day, or getting blamed for tossing a drink that a family member was still drinking? Try this tip from Bee in our Bonnet. Make a coaster tray and assign a coaster to each family member. When they are done with their drink they set in on the coaster until
they need it again.



2. A great tip from Abide With Me. Use a tackle box to organize and store all your medicine and first aid supplies.



3. Use Press’n Seal saran wrap to line your refrigerator shelves. When the shelves get dirty, just remove the wrap, toss in the trash and replace. No more scrubbing nasty food spills.



4. Accidentally close a tab on your browser? No screaming! Hit ctrl-shift-T and the page will pop up again.



5. Create a tight seal on any plastic bag using a plastic water bottle. Also makes it delightfully tidy and easy to pour out your next serving.


Ready for more?  There’s a zillion and nine of these clever and brilliant ideas over at DIY Home Sweet Home.com

i did not know that genius

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One response to “I Did Not Know That! Five Fast Fixes For Everyday Annoyances”

  1. Jen says:

    REALLY digging #5. I want to go buy a bottle of water just to do that.

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