I Did Not Know That! Five Fresh Holiday Life Hacks

I Did Not Know That! Five Fresh Holiday Life Hacks. No more important time of the year to streamline your life.  No one has time for even the simplest slip-up, so let’s all be clever, shall we?


I did not know that! Five fresh holiday life hacks

chapstick money hider

Life Hack #1–When traveling over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house, hide your emergency money in an empty chapstick tube. Not exactly the first place pickpockets look.  (Just try to avoid the ones with chapped lips.)



champange hack

Life Hack #2–When selecting an alcoholic drink at the office party, more expensive is better–a higher-quality liquor or wine contain fewer cogeners, the chemicals responsible for hangovers.



designated driver hack

Life Hack #3–You’re the Designated Driver?  Good for you!  Also, let the bartender know.  They’ll usually supply you with free non-alcoholic drinks and snacks.



coffe grounds vomit hack

Life Hack #4–Somebody can’t hold their liquor at the big holiday party?  Pour coffee grounds on the mess, it will diffuse the horrible oder and dehydrate the mess, making it easy to sweep up.



dvd life hack

Life Hack #5–Watching that “must-see” Holiday DVD and want to skip past all the crap at the beginning?  Press Stop-Stop-Play-Skip to go right to the start of the movie.



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2 responses to “I Did Not Know That! Five Fresh Holiday Life Hacks”

  1. Candace T says:

    I personally vouch for the bartender/DD thing. When I was bartending, DDs made my job SO MUCH EASIER! I appreciated them every single time.

  2. todderinfav5admin says:

    Sister, I’m SO with you. When I worked at a nightclub, I loved the DD’s. You knew at least one group of drunken idiots would make it safely home. 🙂

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