I Did Not Know That! Handy Tips & Tricks

I Did Not Know That! Handy Tips & Tricks.   There’s a pile of little tips and tricks that are at once so clever and so obvious that I always feel a little stupid that I didn’t know them already.

Read on and increase your brilliance!  And your organizational skills…


Measured Meat Patties: use a ruler to divide your hamburger into tidy little sqaures before freezing.  Break off as needed to cook.


Bread Tags: the color on the tag holding the bread bag closed tells you when the bread was delivered to the store, so you can buy the freshest.

Printable Lunch Bags: you can run a paper bag through most printers and get a nice, clean image.


Beadboard Wallpaper: perfect for using on surfaces that can’t handle a thick wood covering, and much cheaper.

Thanks to: The Gunny Sack, 320 Sycamore, LunchInABox.net

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