I Did Not Know That! Organized Painting Tips

I Did Not Know That! Organized Painting Tips. Get. OUT! I love learning new, clever little things designed to make life smoother and more organized.



Like… There’s all kinds of organized painting tips.

Pimple pads soften latex paint

Facial cleansing wipes aren’t just for pimple prevention. The alcohol in them softens latex paint, but won’t harm most surfaces (test first to make sure). They work best on paint that’s been dry just a few hours.


Insert drywall screws in legs for clearance

Ever paint a chair and have it stick to your newspaper or drop cloth? Paint hassle-free by driving drywall screws about 1/2 in. into the bottom of the chair legs. The extra elevation makes it easier to paint and even lets you coat the bottom of the legs. This also works great with brush-on paint.


Soften adhesive with heat

If paint tape tears as you remove it or pulls off flakes of finish, heat it with a hair dryer. Heat softens the adhesive. Then pull the tape off at a 90-degree angle.


Cardboard box prevents overspray

The Todd will REALLY appreciate this one, since I’ve oversprayed 2 of his trucks and the garage door.  Prevent paint “overspray”with this clever spray booth made from a cardboard box. Cut a hole in the top of the box. Cover the opening with plastic wrap and position a shop light above to illuminate your project. You can use coat hangers, poked through the cardboard, to hold and rotate the objects as you’re painting them. Not only will your shop be neater, but your paint projects will now be thumbprint free.

From FamilyHandyman.com

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