I Just Went 150 MPH On A Bike And Didn’t Turn Into Road Rash

I Just Went 150 MPH On A Bike And Didn’t Turn Into Road Rash

rding with chris

Okay.  I’m still shaking.

The most AMAZING feeling on the planet is hanging onto a professional racer with a death grip while screaming gleefully at the top of my lungs.  150mph on the back of a bike is utterly surreal; add in the track’s twists and turns and I’m pretty sure my feet will still be vibrating like a 6 man Mariachi Band for the next week and a half.   Racer Chris Ulrich is such a sweetheart–how many internationally ranked racers would put up with a screeching lunatic like me?  He had to figure in one heck of a headwind and a rider while still not turning us into paste on on the track.

Just getting geared up at the luxe Miller MotorSports Park takes a while–they wrap you up in this heavy Kevlar back brace–hence the sexy hunchback look–and then triple layer leathers, gloves, and boots that they duct-taped shut onto my legs.

chris butt

I entertained myself by childishly taking pictures of Ulrich’s butt–the only part of him not sponsored by an advertiser. (Editor’s note: I find this short-sighted, as any female client should see the clear and obvious benefits of such an ad placement.)


When your helmet visor goes down and you grip the handlebars–everything fades out when he hits the throttle.   Forces pulling you back and forth violently as he slows for turns and gleefully speeds back up.  The job as a rider is to A) don’t do anything to distract the nice racer who’s speeding you along at 150 miles per hour and B) do your part  by leaning when he does and bracing the living crap out of your feet on the bars.  The only way to keep from flopping bonelessly into Chris is to brace by your legs.  I’m pretty sure I got an hour of Pilates-worthy legwork in today.  Nothing prepares you for dipping so sharply into the turn that my knee pad hit the track once or twice.

This man is my hero.  Do NOT miss the races this weekend at Miller MotorSports Park!!



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