Omigod, I get to meet Martin Fry! This is Martin. I want to marry him but there are two things standing in my way. First…well…I AM married. Second, I fear that he would insist on wearing his shiny gold suit to the ceremony.

There’s lots and lots of celebrities one meets along the way when working in radio. But, there is NOTHING like meeting the heroes of your youth. Case in point: over the last couple years or so we interviewed both Rob Pattinson (he was “Cedric Diggory” then, pre “Twilight”) and Chris Pine (“Star Trek”) and, hmmm, meh. (Editor’s note: as a matter of fact, we were truly astonished that Chris Pine carried Captain Kirk. He is the most bland, non-charismatic individual on the planet. He actually sat in studio in The Todd’s chair, and my spouse still could not remember him at all. “Honey! Chris Pine! The blondish guy! He sat in your chair when we interviewed him for “Bottle Shock!” “Who?” “Chris Pine!” “What does he look like again?”)

But I digress.

It’s your first childhood crush–the first “Teen Beat” poster you put on your wall that marks you for life. My cousin Mindy and I engaged in vicious battles as children when we played “Make Believe” to have the right to be named “Julie” in the game. This was because Bobby Sherman’s big song was “Julie Julie Julie Do You Love Me?” If you were “Julie,” you got to be Bobby Sherman’s girlfriend. I later interviewed Bobby Sherman for some 70’s compilation CD release and he sang “Erin Erin Erin Do You Love Me?” to me. No moment of triumph will EVER eclipse that, EVER.

Still digressing…

So, about Martin Fry–ABC’s “The Look of Love,” “Poison Arrow,” “Be Near Me” defined the 80’s for me. I was trying to break into radio, I was passionate about modern music–and he was so dang cool in that shiny gold suit and his flippy Emo hair. I looooved him so. Now, I get to meet him next week at the Regeneration concert! This is SO much cooler than Rob Pattinson! Seriously, I’m FREAKING OUT!

Don’t tell The Todd.

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